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Which Grants Are Available

First Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home is an exciting and fulfilling objective for many people. It can become stressful when you come to see the amount of home loan options available and trying to figure them out. Through ATB Finance you will find things so much easier as we assist with:

Want a Better Rate?


Home loans continue to become far more sophisticated with lenders now offering many different varieties of products.

If you’re considering switching home loans, your main priority is usually getting a better interest rate. However, there are other things your should consider before switching.

If you have not reviewed your current home loan interest rate in the last 12 months, there is a chance are that you are paying the lender too much.

Structure is Key

Investment Properties

Many investors, young and old are using investment properties to generate income and wealth in Australia. ATB Finance will happily guide you through the process of obtaining investment properties at the best rates.

If it is your first investment property or you have already begun building a portfolio of properties, ATB Finance can assist you.

Incorporating the correct investment strategy will be the key to reaping the benefits your investment portfolio has to offer. ATB Finance are available to assist with all your credit advice requirements.

Solution Based Lending


We have experience in dealing with lenders and loan products designed for the self-employed. We run our own business too and we know how important reliable access to funding is to any business owner. ATB Finance can bring you the best results as a self-employed business owner to ensure you can manage both home loan and business with minimal stress possible.

From The Ground Up


Sometimes the opportunity arises to build your new home opposed to buying an established property.

Building a new home comes with many benefits like customising your home from the outset, so you can create a property that fulfils your needs and accommodates your lifestyle. ATB Finance are happy to assist with the following:

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